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Christmas Mass Schedule!!!!

Our Lady of Victory

Wednesday Dec 24: 4pm Family Mass & 9pm Vigil (Bilingual)
Thursday Dec 25:    10am

St. Peter the Fisherman

Wednesday Dec 24: 5:30pm Vigil
Thursday Dec 25:    9:30am

New Years Mass Schedule!!!!

 Our Lady of Victory

Thursday Jan 1: 10am (no vigil)

St. Peter the Fisherman

Wednesday Dec 31: 5:30pm (Vigil Only)

Our Lady of Victory Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil 4:00pm
Sat Spanish Mass 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am
Monday - Communion Service 8:00am
Tues. thru Sat. 8:00am

St. Peter the Fisherman Mass Schedule

Sunday 9:00am
Holy Days 9:30am
First Friday 9:30am

My soul rejoices in my God.  Luke 1

Join Us This Week...

Mon 12/15

Tues 12/16 9:30am - Study Group - OLV

10:30am - Ecumenical Bible Study - Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

6pm - Posada - Parish Hall

7:30pm - Neo-Catechumenate - East Classroom
Wed 12/17 1-4pm
- Arch Cape Office Hours

5pm - Choir Practice - OLV

6pm - Posada - Parish Hall

7:30pm - Neo-Catechumenate - East Classroom
Thurs 12/18 6pm - Posada - Parish Hall
Fri 12/19 8:30am-3pm - Adoration, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Benediction

6pm - Posada - Parish Hall
Sat 12/20 5pm - Hamburgers to benefit Youth Ministries - Parish Hall

5:30pm - Neo-Catechumenate - East Classroom

6pm - Posada - OLV Church

6:30pm - Bingo
Sun 12/21 9:15am - NO RE and Youth Ministries Classes - OLV Parish Hall

10am - Coffee Hour - SPF

12pm - Coffee and Donuts - OLV Parish Hall

4pm - Sunday Supper - OLV

6pm - Posada - Parish Hall

*OLV - Our Lady of Victory
*SPF - St. Peter the Fisherman



The Christmas tree in the Narthex has bells and donation requests for St. Vincent de Paul. Please take a bell or more and return your donation by cash or check to the office or in the weekend collection Thank you for your generosity and Christmas Spirit!


St. Vincent de Paul Pantry will be passing out 140 Christmas boxes. Please consider picking up a Christmas bell of the Giving Tree to help provide food for our boxes. Thank you.


It is again that time of year when we celebrate the birth of Our Lord. To honor this precious birth we want to make our altar reflect the specialness of this occasion. You can help by donating money to purchase poinsettias and other décor to the Women?s Ministry. Envelopes are in the pews for your convenience. Your contribution to making our altar beautiful is greatly appreciated.


Thus far in our Stewardship Pledge Campaign, we have received 57 pledges amounting to $92,820 annually. Our goal for 2014/2015 is $250,000 and we have only reached 37 percent of that goal. If you have not filled out a stewardship pledge card, please do so and return it to the business office. And those of you who have responded with a generous commitment?Thank You! Sincerely in Christ, Rev. Fr. Nicholas E. Nilema


The Incarnation - 3: What Makes Us Human? Without the Incarnation, man is but an advanced animal with his "roots" in ordinary soil, not the everlasting life of the spirit. We looked at two factors that make us a human-animal: (1) What makes us be human, and (2) What makes us behave as human. The first is so simple it's always missed when the question is asked: Descent from human parents - it is our nature; that is how higher animal species reproduce. The second is by our being nurtured by loving humans; nurturing by other than that alters our ability to behave as human, but not our being human. Cut off from his roots in everlasting life, man at the end of his physical life, simply would die, his "I" no longer in existence. And that is the better outcome; there is worse. And we risk just that now if we live in serious, unrepented sin. Question: What makes all humans who ever lived human ("special, above all animals")....and how so?


YEAR END DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to setup a recurring giving plan. To get started, Click here. For those who do not have a computer, fill out the Authorization Form available here and return it to the business office. If you have any questions, contact the parish office at 503 738-6161. Thank you!


This weeks readings are available through the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Click Here!


Dec. 16-24 - Posada

Dec. 21 - Helping Hands 2nd Collection